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4th Grade Courses

Whether used as the basis for your 4th grade homeschool curriculum or as a supplement to brick-and-mortar education, K12’s online 4th grade courses empower you to optimize your child’s education for their unique learning style. In 4th grade courses, students study concepts such as the Age of Enlightenment, the Scientific Revolution chemistry, electricity, and magnetism, and basic basic geometric and algebraic ideas, grammar, sentence diagramming and focused reading comprehension strategies. Our online 4th grade courses also incorporate world languages such as French, Spanish, German, and Latin.


    4th Grade Syllabus


    Reading/Literature 4
    • Daily reading of classic literature


    Language Arts 4
    • Improve knowledge of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs
    • Coordinating and subordinating conjunctions
    • Commonly confused words that sound the same (their, there, they’re)
    • Simple, compound, and complex sentences
    • Capitalization in titles
    • Commas and quotation marks
    • Possessives
    • Opinion essays
    • Narrative essays
    • Creative writing
    • Digital presentations
    • Review and edit work to improve writing
    • Improve writing using research, dictionary and thesaurus
    • Increase vocabulary and spelling
    • Cursive writing


    Math 4
    • Multiplication and divisions word problems
    • Long multiplication
    • Long division with remainders
    • Place value of whole and decimal numbers
    • Equivalent fractions
    • Compare fractions
    • Improper fractions and mixed numbers
    • Simplifying or reducing fractions
    • Addition and subtraction of fractions and mixed numbers
    • Multiply a whole number by a fraction
    • Fraction word problems
    • Write a decimal as a fraction
    • Compare two decimals
    • Addition and subtraction of decimals


    History/Social Studies 4
    • Places and regions in the United States
    • Pre-Columbus, missions, and rancho periods
    • Mexican American War
    • The Gold Rush Period
    • Local, state, and federal governments
    • Countries and their capitals


    Science 4
    • Electricity and magnetism of the Earth
    • Organisms need energy and matter to live and grow
    • Properties of rocks and minerals
    • Fossils
    • Investigations and experiments


    Visual/Performing Arts 4
    • Art
    • Drawing (traditional and digital)
    • Art projects
    • Museum tours


    Physical Education 4
    • Exercises
    • Build stamina and flexibility
    • Stretching and calisthenics techniques

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