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2nd Grade Courses

Our online Second grade courses, studies focus on independent reading, the scientific method, mathematical problem solving, and much more. Used by thousands of families as either their second grade homeschool curriculum or as a supplement to brick-and-mortar courses, second grade courses give you the power to optimize your child’s education.


    2nd Grade Syllabus


    Reading/Literature 2
    • Daily reading of classic literature

    Language Arts 2
    • Long “e” and common long vowel letter combinations
    • Prefixes and suffixes
    • Commonly confused words that sound the same -their, there, they’re
    • Collective nouns
    • Irregular plural nouns
    • Adverbs and adjectives
    • Apostrophes and contractions
    • Formatting a letter
    • Produce compound and complete sentences
    • Paragraph structure
    • Opinion essays
    • Narrative essays
    • Creative writing
    • Digital presentations
    • Review and edit work to improve writing
    • Improve writing using research, dictionary and thesaurus
    • Writing using a word processor
    • Spelling and vocabulary



    Math 2
    • Addition and subtraction word problems
    • Place value for multi-digit arithmetic
    • Addition of two and three digit numbers with carrying
    • Subtraction of two and three digit numbers with borrowing
    • Working with U.S. money coins and bills
    • Very basic place value
    • Geometric shapes and fractions of shapes


    History/Social Studies 2
    • Things that happen long ago versus today
    • Basic world geography, people, and places
    • Government institutions and practices
    • Economic concepts
    • Economic reasoning
    • Individual action and character through historic figures
    • U.S. states and capitals


    Science 2
    • Motion of objects
    • Life cycles of plants and animals
    • Materials the Earth is made of and human resources
    • Conservation
    • How things work
    • Investigations and experiments


    Visual/Performing Arts 2
    • Art
    • Drawing
    • Hands on crafts and art
    • Museum tours


    Physical Education 2
    • Exercises

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