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11th Grade Courses

11th grade can be stressful if your homeschooler has his or her eye on college. There are college achievement tests to study for, colleges to visit and decide on, and college essays to write. But even if college isn’t on your high schooler’s radar, 11th grade can be challenging. Some teens are getting their driver’s license, and some are taking academically tough courses. They also may be juggling work, extracurricular activities, and social outings with friends. It can all be a bit overwhelming for your teen.


    11th Grade Syllabus


    Reading/Literature 11
    • Daily reading of classic literature


    Language Arts 11
    • Strengthen, edit, and revise grammar and writing
    • Argumentative essays
    • Narrative essays
    • Creative writing
    • Digital presentations
    • Improve writing using research, dictionary, and thesaurus
    • Cite bibliographic references and sources
    • Increase vocabulary and spelling


    Math 11 – Statistics
    • Histograms ~ bar and line charts
    • Scatter plots
    • Categorical data
    • Quantitative and qualitative data
    • Use data to compare the median
    • Use data to calculate the mean
    • Modeling linear data
    • Fit a linear function to a scatter plot
    • Point of sale statistics
    • Building statistical models
    • Assumptions in statistical modeling
    • Analyze and evaluate surveys and data
    • Margin of error
    • Compare data
    • Calculating probability
    • Outcomes of probability
    • Conditional probability
    • Random variables
    • Making predictions


    History/Social Studies 11
    • Philosophy of the Declaration of Independence
    • Rise of industry and rural to urban migration
    • Role of religion in the founding of America
    • The 1920s
    • The Great Depression
    • Economic boom post World War II
    • Foreign policy post World War II
    • Civil rights
    • Social and political issues in America today


    Science 11 – Physiology
    • Cell biology
    • Genetics
    • Ecology
    • Evolution
    • Physiology
    • Improve investigative and research skills


    Visual/Performing Arts 11
    • Art
    • Drawing – traditional and digital
    • Art projects
    • Museum tours


    Physical Education 11
    • Exercise
    • Build stamina and flexibility
    • Stretching and calisthenics techniques

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