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8th Grade Course

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8th Grade Syllabus

Reading/Literature 8
• Daily reading of classic literature


Language Arts 8
• Strengthen, edit, and revise grammar and writing
• Argumentative essays
• Narrative essays
• Creative writing
• Digital presentations
• Improve writing using research, dictionary and thesaurus
• Cite bibliographic references and sources
• Increase vocabulary and spelling
• Cursive writing

Math 8 – Algebra I and Basic Geometry
• Rational and irrational numbers
• Integers and exponents
• Exponents and scientific notation
• One variable linear equations
• Solve linear equations by graphing
• Two variable linear equations
• Graph proportional relationships
• Slope and similar triangles and proportions
• Introduction to functions
• Average rate of change
• Translations, rotations, and reflections
• Intersecting lines and angles
• Parallel lines and perpendicular lines
• Similar and congruent figures
• Volume of spheres, cones, and cylinders
• Graphing data on scatter plots, charts and tables

History/Social Studies 8
• Events leading up to the Constitution
• U.S. foreign policy in the early republic
• Americans during the 1800s
• The Civil War
• The Reconstruction Period
• The Industrial Revolution

Science 8
• Motion, forces, and the structure of matter
• Earth in the Solar System, study of stars and galaxies
• Chemical reactions
• Chemistry of living systems
• The Periodic Table
• Density and buoyancy
• Improve investigative and research skills

Visual/Performing Arts 8
• Art
• Drawing – traditional and digital

  • Art projects
    • Museum tours

Physical Education 8
• Exercises
• Build stamina and flexibility
• Stretching and calisthenics techniques



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