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10th Grade Courses

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10th Grade Syllabus


Reading/Literature 10
• Daily reading of classic literature

Language Arts 10
• Strengthen, edit, and revise grammar and writing
• Argumentative essays
• Narrative essays
• Creative writing
• Digital presentations
• Improve writing using research, dictionary and thesaurus
• Cite bibliographic references and sources
• Increase vocabulary and spelling

Math 10 – Geometry
• Points, lines, and planes
• Radius, area, circumference and other properties of circles
• Transformations of shapes on the coordinate plane
• Transformations and rigid motion
• Translating circles
• Parallel lines and corresponding angles
• Geometric constructions
• Similar and congruent triangles
• Right triangles and right triangle equations
• Sine, cosine, and tangent
• Similarity of circles
• Inscribed and central angles
• Constructing a tangent to a circle
• Write equations given the center and radius of a circle
• The directrix, focus, and vertex of a parabola
• Use slope to determine if lines are parallel or perpendicular

History/Social Studies 10
• Turning points after the 1800s that shaped the modern world
• Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy that shaped western ideas
• Comparing the Glorious Revolution to the American Revolution
• World War I
• World War II
• Global advances in economy, information and technology

Science 10 – Chemistry
• Atomic and molecular structure
• Chemical bonds
• Conservation of matter and stoichiometry
• Gases and their properties
• Acids and bases
• Solutions
• Chemical thermodynamics
• Reaction rates
• Chemical equilibrium
• Organic and biochemistry
• Nuclear processes
• Improve investigative and research skills

Visual/Performing Arts 10
• Art
• Drawing – traditional and digital
• Art projects
• Museum tours

Physical Education 10
• Exercises
• Build stamina and flexibility
• Stretching and calisthenics techniques


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