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7th Grade Courses

Our 7th grade online classes cover a variety of subjects, including pre-algebra, life science, world history, and even Chinese (in addition to four other world language options). K12’s online 7th grade history and art classes focus on the early beginnings of the human race. In language arts, K12’s 7th grade online classes prepare students for high school and help them become more effective communicators.


    7th Grade Syllabus


    Reading/Literature 7
    • Daily reading of classic literature


    Language Arts 7
    • Strengthen, edit, and revise grammar and writing
    • Argumentative essays
    • Narrative essays
    • Creative writing
    • Digital presentations
    • Improve writing using research, dictionary and thesaurus
    • Cite bibliographic references and sources
    • Increase vocabulary and spelling
    • Cursive writing


    Math 7 – Pre-Algebra
    • Ratios and proportions review
    • Proportional relationships
    • Multiplying and dividing real numbers and integers
    • The distributed property
    • Simple one variable equations
    • Write simple equations for unknown values to solve real world problems
    • Write an inequality from a word problem
    • Properties of triangles and measuring triangles

    • Scale factor and scaling shapes
      • Understanding 3 dimensional figures
      • Area of a circle
      • Solve unknown values of angles
      • Basic introduction to statistics and probability

    History/Social Studies 7
    • Disintegration of the Roman Empire
    • Medieval and early modern times
    • Geo, political, economic, and social structures of Medieval Times
    • The Reformation Period
    • The Scientific Revolution
    • Age of Exploration, Enlightenment, and Reason



    Science 7
    • Cell biology
    • Genetics and how plants and animals evolve
    • Living systems of plants, animals and people
    • Underlying biological structures and functions

    • Improve investigative and research skills

    Visual/Performing Arts 7
    • Art
    • Drawing – traditional and digital
    • Art projects
    • Museum tours


    Physical Education 7
    • Exercises
    • Build stamina and flexibility
    • Stretching and calisthenics techniques


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