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6th Grade Courses

Sixth-grade is an exciting time as students become increasingly independent with their studies and begin to take more responsibility for their learning. Our extensive and proven curriculum has been continually refined for years and is among the best available. All courses are taught by highly qualified teachers who care about your success. School operates year round and coursework can be done 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.


    6th Grade Syllabus


    Reading/Literature 6
    • Daily reading of classic literature from our
    library or yours
    • Log and track your progress
    Language Arts 6
    • Strengthen, edit, and revise grammar and
    • Argumentative essays
    • Narrative essays
    • Creative writing
    • Digital presentations
    • Improve writing using research, dictionary,
    and thesaurus
    • Cite bibliographic references and sources
    • Increase vocabulary and spelling
    • Cursive writing
    Math 6
    • Ratios and proportions
    • Ratios and real world problems
    • Percents
    • The coordinate plane and plotting points
    • Graphing ordered pairs on the coordinate
    • Positive and negative numbers
    • Writing and evaluating expressions
    • Writing equations from word problems
    • Substitute values for variables
    • Generate and recognize equivalent
    • Solve one variable equations
    • Solve multiplication algebra equations
    • Expand knowledge about area and volume
    • Recognize statistical questions
    • Graphing data – line plots, charts, tables
    History/Social Studies 6
    • Geography of ancient civilizations
    • Paleolithic Era to the Agricultural
    • Political, economic, and social structures
    of ancient civilizations
    • Ancient Greece
    • Ancient India
    • Ancient China
    • Ancient Rome
    Science 6
    • Plate tectonics and Earth’s structure
    • Topography of the Earth’s surface
    • Heat (thermal energy)
    • Ecology
    • How energy and matter differ
    • Improve investigative and research skills
    Visual/Performing Arts 6
    • Dance, music, art
    • Drawing (traditional and digital)
    • Art projects
    • Museum tours
    Physical Education 6
    • Calisthenics
    • Build stamina and flexibility
    • Stretching and calisthenics techniques

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