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1st Grade Courses

First graders begin to grasp more abstract mathematical concepts. … Because first graders still learn best by working with physical objects, teachers give children materials to use during math lessons such as number cubes, pattern blocks, and color rods. First graders start to do simple addition and subtraction problems.


    1st Grade Syllabus


    Reading/Literature 1
    • Daily reading and sight word review

    Language Arts 1
    • Sentence structure
    • Writing using a word processor
    • Spelling and vocabulary
    Math 1
    • Basic addition and subtraction
    • Basic addition and subtraction word problems
    • Basic addition with very basic algebraic concepts (10 + X = 14)
    • Count by twos, fives, and tens
    • Greater than, less than or equal comparisons
    • Very basic place value
    • Addition of two digit numbers
    • Subtraction of two digit numbers
    • The Metric System
    • Telling time

    History/Social Studies 1
    • Rights and responsibilities of citizenship
    • Places and people in different times
    • Everyday life in different times and places
    • U.S. symbols, icons, and traditions
    • Backgrounds of American citizens
    • Basic economic concepts
    • My state

    Science 1
    • Materials can be solids, liquids, and gases
    • Materials can change when they are mixed
    • Plants and animals inhabit different environments
    • Food chain ecosystems
    • How things work
    • Investigations and experiments

    Visual/Performing Arts 1
    • Dance, music, art
    • Drawing and coloring
    • Connect-the-dots
    • Hands on crafts

    Physical Education 1
    • Exercises

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    First Grade Courses

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